I choose you

Both WK and I are children of the 90’s and were among the first generation of children to play Pokemon. Our love of that series is one of the few overlaps in our preferences in games we play. WK is ever the male in his first person shooters, sports games, and yes even WWE gamesContinue reading “I choose you”

He wears the pants

But I can take them off. WK is absolutely awesome about making sure I feel intimacy both in and out of the bedroom with him. That said he seems to have no qualms when I wish to initiate. Last week we had a business meeting for church leadership. WK is a deacon in our churchContinue reading “He wears the pants”

Broken is beautiful

“I am broken, and that is beautiful.” This is a mantra that sometimes is part of my kneeling time. It is one WK has me repeat whenever I feel that I am too much for him to handle, when I feel a burden to his life instead of an enrichment. One of the things thatContinue reading “Broken is beautiful”

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